Intention for the week V.10

I had an exciting, full weekend that included my daughter, Elise’s, graduation (1 of 2), and prom. After we sent her off for prom, the sad emotions started creeping in because I realize our days with her are numbered as she heads away to college in the fall.

Fortunately, she won’t be far. Of the 11 schools across the states she was accepted in, she will be attending the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. The university is less than 30 minutes away. She’ll be staying on campus.

Me with Elise and Bryan- March 2023 tour and preorientation. I love that she’ll be attending my alma mater.

There’s a lot going on in my life right now with our daughter’s last year in high school, my health issues (newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis), and my 50th birthday coming up in 6 days. This week, Elise is wrapping up senior week with more activities at school, I will be catching up on work from being off on Friday, and I have my second visit with my new neurologist to discuss the plan for multiple sclerosis treatment.

With this is my mind, I want to be extra gentle with myself.

Intention for the week ahead: May I pace myself and slow down. May I take breaks when I feel the need to take breaks. May I seek out the joy in even the smallest circumstances. May I show up as my genuine self in every situation, sharing my honest thoughts with dignity and respect. May I encourage others and listen without expressing judgment. May I not fight against circumstances I can't control and reserve my energy for the things I can control. May I articulate my preferences and concerns clearly. May I be my own advocate. May I smile A LOT.
Go Longhorns!

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