Rest Part Deux 

Today, I succumbed to my body’s cues and spent the early part of the day resting. It was difficult initially because I have a Saturday morning routine of cleaning. I’ve missed writing in my blog, so I finished up a post I started last week. After that, I took a shower, attended to my charred breast, warmed up some leftover chicken noodle soup, and headed back to bed with soup in tow. On my way home from my next to last radiation treatment yesterday, I could tell by the pain and discomfort that it would be best if I rested. I’ve been feeling a little emotional now that I can see and feel the effects of the radiation. I decided that I would take care of myself, not worry about housework considering that there are 3 able bodied human beings that live with me. I’ve been joking that my fitbit has been controlling me, so I thought about my steps briefly. How would I get my steps in? It can become addictive really quickly. I’m even in a work week challenge with some of my coworkers. However, I decided to ignore the fitbit. I’ll catch my steps some other time. I’m finding that it takes less effort to let go and just listen to myself. I cozied up in my bed without any disturbances…not even from the kittens.

At about 2 p.m., I was rewarded with an energy burst. I felt replenished. The hubby had breakfast, lunch and dinner covered and did some dishes. I took on the kitchen….the stove hood, back splash, and floors (not sure what came over me…?) I assumed my role as captain of the ship and commenced giving orders on what else needed to be done to get the house in decent order. Hey, I managed to get over 3,500 steps in a short period. I felt guilty for a bit, but then when I saw them actually doing the work, the guilt subsided. I can’t do it all. At least, I’d rather use my energy doing other things. I’m also teaching my kids to be responsible people…at least that’s the goal. However, I do want to work on my delivery. It would be great if I could only get them to do it without the poking and proding. Work in progress…stay tuned!

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