Flourish Part Deux

Spring is my favorite time of year! I love seeing all the vibrant green colors of the trees and the pretty wildflower blooms as I drive through the city and walk in my neighborhood. Our weather here in Central Texas has been a roller coaster ride of warm and cool over the past couple of months, but the warm seems to be more consistent.

I’ve blogged in previous posts about my love for plants in Flourish Part I. In the past two years, my obsession with plants has exploded.

Me in my home office with real live plants in the background.

While in Washington D.C. a couple of weeks ago, I told my colleagues I have about 80 plants (indoors and outdoors) and they couldn’t believe it. When I returned home from that trip, I counted my plants, and the total is actually 98. WHOAH!!!

I was asked questions like, “How long does it take to water them?” And “what kinds of plants”? They were impressed with the details I’ve learned, such as how in nature some orchids grow on rocks and that they require less than water than people think to survive.

One of my bathroom orchids

I don’t really think about the time because it’s a hobby and self-care activity for me. I tend to them all the time in one way or another as they have different needs. I don’t water them all on the same schedule either because, again, they have different needs, so I water some more frequently than others. It also depends on the type of pot they’re in. Some points like clay pots dry out faster.

Here are a few outdoor plants I tended to over the weekend.

I love my new Fuschia Bougainvillea. She’s so pretty!
Some tropicals potted together and a variegated myrtle (black pot) I rescued!
Last summer’s sunflowers were so pretty!
Some old and newer plants I’ve been tending to.
She’s survived two winters thus far and continues to bloom. I forgot the name of this variety.
My spider plant is still recovering from last summer’s heat, but she’s doing much better, especially since I moved her location. I see some white blooms on her. My fern and porciana are also making a comeback. My peace lily (red clay pot next to fern) used to be inside, but she’s not been doing well for over a year. I thought the warm air in the shade would do her some good.
Last but not least, my beautiful hydrangeas in the front entrance are making a comeback.

I love to be rewarded with beautiful blooms and bright green leaves from all my nurturing!

That’s it for now. There will be a Part 3 to this series!

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