Intention for the week V.9

May has always been my favorite month, mostly because of the blooms and spring weather, AND it’s my birthday month. This May, in particular, will be EPIC! My daughter Elise will be graduating from high school twice (more on that in another post), she’s going to prom, my sister is visiting from Chicago, there’s Mother’s day, & my 50th birthday! Whoah! It’s going to be a month of celebrations!

I also plan to blog mostly every day this month in honor of my milestone birthday! This will be a challenge, but I’m here for it, and I hope you are too.

Intention for the week ahead. May I trust God for fulfilling my desires rather than relying on my own efforts. May I forgive and do it quickly. May I take strategic breaks to meditate throughout the day. May I treat myself guilt free. May I find joy in unsuspecting places. May I indulge in a cappuccino one day and a chai latte on another. May I be content in my blessings and smile more often than not.

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