Whatsoever in 2022…

In 2021, I invested a lot of time and work on myself to reduce stress and manage my health. Since I focused my energies on this work, I didn’t do much blogging in 2021. I’m the type of person who if I don’t feel well, I don’t feel like I have much to offer others. I’d rather retreat into my own world until I get better. However, I think there is something inspiring about taking people along on a journey with you, especially those who may be experiencing similar circumstances.

I love Phillipians 4:8-9 because it gives me so much hope and peace. I meditate on it when I feel stressed, out of control, and/or need to change my thinking pattern. You see, I can ruminate on thoughts incessantly. And I’m not the only one in my family who has or does deal with this. One time, I texted my mom this scripture when she was struggling with depression. There is also so much going on in the world so these scriptures help keep me focused on how God wants me to think.

Since I’m a visual person, I’ve decided I need to see the words of those Bible verses whenever I wanted and not just on my Bible app on my phone. So I removed one of my college degree diplomas out of the frame (used to be in my work office but I telework now), typed and printed the Bible verse, placed it in the frame, and put the frame on the wall in my bathroom.

Now, I get to see and read it often because I spend a lot of time in my bathroom. Sometimes, I stand there, saying the words out loud, slowly, so they can penetrate in my mind and spirit.

I’ve been thinking of other Bible verses I will aesthetically display in my home.

Here’s to practicing activities in 2022 that improve your spiritual, emotional, and mental health.

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