Sometimes Vegan Chronicles

Hello NOVEMBER! Time is flying and just when I thought I was done with vegan cleanses in 2020, I received an email from Jen Hansard with about a one week weight loss mean plan, post cleanse. The timing is great because I’ve been unusually bloated the last few weeks. My goals for this cleanse are less bloat, better sleep, and clearer skin. This is also a distraction from the volatile, political climate we’re experiencing in the United States.

The meal plan includes green smoothies for breakfast and then snack, lunch, and dinner recipes for 7 days. I know, I know. Back in August, I said I was done with cleanses in 2020. You can read that post here…It’s over and he won…

A couple times (or a few depending) a year, I embark on an all Vegan challenge. If it weren’t for meat, I might be a Vegan, but I love meat and cheese. I enjoyed writing the post Sometimes a vegan because I get so inspired with food and knowing I’m doing something healthy for my body.

Meal Prep 11-1-2020
Coconut ginger carrot soup. LPC

Soup is my ALL TIME favorite comfort food. I love that the options are endless. I also enjoy trying new recipes. For as many years as I’ve had the recipe for the coconut ginger carrot soup, I made it for the first time today. When I tell you I could eat the whole pot!!! It surpassed my expectations because I’m not a huge fan of carrots. It’s delicious!

Almond Butter Crisps. LPC

This was also my first time making this almond butter crisp recipe. This is supposed to be a take on Rice Crispy Treats. Although mine came out crumbly, it was still yummy. I think the problem was that I substituted maple syrup for brown rice syrup. I was surprised I didn’t find brown rice syrup at Thrive Market

I received my 2nd purchase on 10/31/2020

Since I’m into healthy food and have heard about Thrive Market for a while, I decided to give it a try. There’s a membership fee for access to many healthy, non GMO, etc. food products that you purchase online. They often email coupons and free stuff. I received an extra 30% off my order below. Definitely worth it.

Thrive Market package 10/31/2020

Seven days for a cleanse is more manageable than 21 days, which is what I did at the end of July. You can read about that cleanse experience here: It starts tomorrow. I thought I’d have a fun, competitive time with my husband but he didn’t like most of the recipes. I was making too much food thinking he would try it. Oh well.

2020 still has a couple of months to go to see some positive changes. I would love to be less bloated, sleep better, and have clearer skin. Let’s see if this week helps me accomplish that. I’ll add a daily post so you can track my progress.

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