2020 Love

Mr. and Mrs. Carr 2-23-2020

Where is the time going? It’s already March! I’ve been busy CRUSHING my goals bit by bit. I’ve managed to stay so enthused about my goals because it feels great to put ideas to action. In January, I wrote about my healthy eating, fitness, and overall health goals. In February, I wrote about my financial goals of dumping debt and building wealth. For March, I’m going to focus my blog on my relationship goals.

What better way to start the month off than focusing on my relationship with my ROCK, my #1 SUPPORTER, the LOVE of my LIFE and my BEST friend, my husband, Bryan. We’ve been through UPS and DOWNS. Our marriage vows have been tested. Anyone who is married or has been married, knows that marriage is HARD WORK. You have to be deliberate and intentional.

We actually started making steps towards improving our relationship last month. Another Lifegroup is in the works through our church LifeAustin ( We’re in the same group as we were in the fall when we studied the Detours materials, which we’re happy about. The new study guide is appropriately named Love Talk. There’s a separate workbook for women and the men.

I’m looking forward to learning techniques to better communicate with Bryan. Something else that we’re participating in is individual counseling. Our lives have been particularly stressful the last few years mostly due to our health issues. We each have our own individual challenges that impact how we relate to each other, so we were both in agreement with exploring counseling. Attending to our individual needs in this way is self-care and will ultimately improve our relationship.

In later posts, I’ll write about how I’m approaching the other special relationships in my life such as with my children, friends, siblings, extended family, coworkers, etc. I’ll also share some of my healthy cooking because you know I’ve been cooking up some DELICIOUS FOOD!

How are you doing thus far with achieving your 2020 goals? What goals do you have set for March?


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