The Green Glow: Day 7 Carrot Cooler

Today was my “Monday” after a 3-day weekend and I definitely needed my smoothie boost on my way to the first meeting of the day. Day 7’s green smoothie contains peaches and grapes, and since I didn’t have either, I made Day 8’s Carrot Cooler.

Here’s a combination I would never think of on my own: pineapples, carrots, strawberries, spinach, and coconut water. I added ground flax seeds and a knob of fresh ginger. The Carrot Cooler was so YUMMY and a nutritional POWERHOUSE that sustained me through my morning meetings.

To maintain a healthy habit, or any goal for that matter, it’s important to be flexible. I didn’t have peaches or grapes to make the Day 7 smoothie. Instead of beating myself up for not following the plan exactly, or giving up on the challenge altogether, I simply moved on to a recipe that contains fruits I do have. That’s a pretty simple example of being flexible, but so important. When you’re flexible, it can really be that simple.

The older I get, I find life rarely works out as I plan. That hasn’t stopped me from planning because I do plan for a living and in my personal life. However, in the big picture, I know I’m not really in control. Being flexible is less stressful and allows me to let go of what I can’t control. And I often find myself pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

How’s your progress with achieving your 2020 health goals?

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