Gray area

I first noticed this one gray, curly hair in 2009, a little while after I started graduate school at the University of Texas. At the time, it was a shock. Now, I expect them at my age, although I’m not necessarily comfortable with the idea. I’m very curious about if there are more, but I don’t know. I can’t tell with my naked eyes. I don’t have the best vision, and apparently, the best lighting in my bathroom. I think my big kinky, curly hair has the ability to masque the grays, so as far as I know, that’s the only one I have. I’ve asked my husband to check, and insists no, but I’m not confident in how thorough he looked.  I’ve noticed more younger women (30’s, 40’s) with gray hair and they wear it proudly. That makes me want to embrace it.

Admittedly, I’m not excited about going gray, especially since I feel young at heart. The inevitable will happen. I’m acknowledging that I may struggle with this. I’m thinking about making a hair salon appointment next month for my 44th birthday. I haven’t been to a salon or had anyone else work on my hair since I’ve been natural (11 years). I’m contemplating a change. I’m generally a brave person, but we’ll see if I’m brave enough to follow through with this.

2 thoughts on “Gray area

  1. gracefulpages says:

    My mom went gray at 19 and has dyed her hair ever since. She’s also very young at heart! I’m sprouting a few but I can’t really see them unless I part my hair. Naptural 85 on youtube has quite a few grays and I think they’re pretty cute.


    • Wow. That’s pretty young to have gray. I wonder if that will happen to my 11 year old daughter. She’s had one undeniable gray hair for years. Must have to do with me & her dad being older when we had her. We shall see. Thanks for the comment.

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