My daughter is helping me in my quest for relaxation on this Friday night. We’re at the pool where she is splashing and I’m reveling in the breeze amidst the cloudy skies.  This may sound strange, but I am actually enjoying the scent of chlorine (although my eyes are burning a little).  My senses really are alive with the sounds of kids chattering and shrieking with delight. I hear the crashing sound from the 5 triangular shaped buckets of water on the pole as they spill over, one by one, upon filling up with water.  I get an occasional sprinkle of water on my face and toes.  The weather is about 88 or even cooler by now.

This is a great way to end the week.  I already know that when I get home, I will thoroughly clean the kitchen, as only I can (let’s face it), so that I can wake up to peace. 

For me, it’s the simple, little things that bring me joy and spark my creativity. I may even publish 2 more blog posts this weekend. 


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