How do you know?

So I’m sitting on a plane (lay over), listening to my Zumba fitness playlist (forgot to mention in previous posts that I am also Zumba fitness instructor – that will be a different post), thinking about what it’s been like since I took the plunge and started this blog.

Have you ever wondered how you know you’re doing what you’re meant to do (i.e. living in your purpose)? This has been an important question that I spent a lot of time exploring in my 20’s, but I’m in that place of asking again in my 40’s. I didn’t think I would be here again. I know my purpose is to help people so I went through all the educational channels to become a social worker. However,  I’ve experienced different things from working at different agencies, and I’ve been contemplating how to best use my gifts.  The world is not what my idealistic mind would have it be.  I saw the movie Zootopia again with my family recently and it did a great job of capturing how things can be.

With the exception of this post, (because the plane will be taking off soon), I’ve found myself consumed with writing for hours and I had no idea of how much time had passed. And I was up into the middle of the night writing the other day. Now, that is something.

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